Horizon highlights – DIY edition

Jacob Turcotte/Staff

Our regular roundup of sci-tech stories from across the Web includes: Six geeky weekend projects – in order of difficulty. Let’s kick it off:

Child's play: MacGyver tries iPod speakers
"With all the hot-to-trot conceptual design work out there, it takes quite a person to just sit back and kick out the jams on a speaker set like this. Presenting the iPod Ghetto Accessory. iPod with classic earbuds, two toothpicks ... and four cups. What else could a person ask for?" [via Yanko Design]

Novel, novice design: DIY invisible floating bookshelf
"Video web site Videojug details how to install 'invisible' bookshelves that make your books appear to be floating on nothing. The tutorial requires one large book you're willing to sacrifice, an L-bracket, and a few other common supplies." [via LifeHacker]

Crafty fashion: Keyboard pants
"Today was Fashion Hacking day with Diana Eng at NYC Resistor and I've wanted to make these keyboard pants for a long time. The basic idea was to take a flexible silicone keyboard and somehow integrate it with some pants (or shorts). I had they keyboards laying around for a while and I ran down to the Conways to get some jeans for about $8." [via Thingiverse]

Sound craftsmanship: How to make a speaker
"A homemade speaker using a plastic cup, business card, wire, magnet and some Lego blocks. I built this speaker from scratch; I was surprised of the quality of the sound." [via]

For grease monkeys: Add multiple power outlets to your car
"Tired of not having enough power points in your vehicle to keep your phone charged, your GPS on, and your DVD/monitor combo playing? Change all that by adding additional 12-volt power outlets to your car." [via CNET]

Lab required: How to make a solar cell with donuts and tea
"Donuts and tea are the main ingredients in a MacGyver-style do-it-yourself solar cell, explained step-by-step in this video." [via Wired]

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