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Before GM canceled the Saturn line, it touted the Vue Green Line plug-in hybrid SUV as one of the company's upcoming electric cars. Now, the model's fate is unclear.

Electric cars around the corner

Last week's Innovation article on electric cars charging ahead mentions that: "At least nine car companies worldwide say that by 2013 they will offer plug-in vehicles that use electric motors as their primary means of propulsion, according to Plug-in America, an activist group. Some will be all-electric drive vehicles (EV). Most will be plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) that use small gasoline engines as a backup."

For those readers who wondered how Plug-in America came up with that figure, here's the list:

Chevy Volt – Demo 2009, production November 2010
Saturn Vue PHEV – 2010. Note: GM has discontinued the Saturn line and the Vue's fate in unclear.

EV – 2010

Plug-in Hybrid Prius – Demo 2010, production 2011

PHEV – 2010
EV Jeep – by 2013
EV Minivan – by 2013
EV Roadster – by 2013

Plug-in Hybrid Escape – 2012
EV Magna – 2011

e-Mini – 2009

A1 Sportback PHEV – 2011

PHEV Sonata – 2013

PHEV Golf – 2011

Plus, there are entrepreneurial companies:
Tesla (now and 2011)
Fisker (2009)
BYD (2009)
Bright Automotive (2012)
Miles (2009)
Aptera (2009)
Persu Mobility (2011)
Myers Motors (now)

And finally, PHEV conversions from:
Plug-in Conversions
3-Prong Power

Thanks to Jay Friedland at Plug-in America for this list. You can read the Monitor full report on coming electric vehicles here.

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