Electric cars around the corner

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Before GM canceled the Saturn line, it touted the Vue Green Line plug-in hybrid SUV as one of the company's upcoming electric cars. Now, the model's fate is unclear.

Last week's Innovation article on electric cars charging ahead mentions that: "At least nine car companies worldwide say that by 2013 they will offer plug-in vehicles that use electric motors as their primary means of propulsion, according to Plug-in America, an activist group. Some will be all-electric drive vehicles (EV). Most will be plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) that use small gasoline engines as a backup."

For those readers who wondered how Plug-in America came up with that figure, here's the list:

Chevy Volt – Demo 2009, production November 2010
Saturn Vue PHEV – 2010. Note: GM has discontinued the Saturn line and the Vue's fate in unclear.

EV – 2010

Plug-in Hybrid Prius – Demo 2010, production 2011

PHEV – 2010
EV Jeep – by 2013
EV Minivan – by 2013
EV Roadster – by 2013

Plug-in Hybrid Escape – 2012
EV Magna – 2011

e-Mini – 2009

A1 Sportback PHEV – 2011

PHEV Sonata – 2013

PHEV Golf – 2011

Plus, there are entrepreneurial companies:
Tesla (now and 2011)
Fisker (2009)
BYD (2009)
Bright Automotive (2012)
Miles (2009)
Aptera (2009)
Persu Mobility (2011)
Myers Motors (now)

And finally, PHEV conversions from:
Plug-in Conversions
3-Prong Power

Thanks to Jay Friedland at Plug-in America for this list. You can read the Monitor full report on coming electric vehicles here.

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