Review round-up: BlackBerry Storm

Research In Motion's BlackBerry Storm comes out for Verizon network Friday. The mobile communication device does email, GPS, music, movies, and internet browsing, in addition to making phone calls.
RIM's BlackBerry Storm is aimed squarely at Apple's iPhone 3G and T-Mobile's G1 Google phone.

The holiday smartphone forecast is getting gusty. Last month the "Google phone" – T-Mobile's G1 – arrived. Before that came Sprint's Instinct and Apple's iPhone 3G for AT&T. On Friday, Research In Motion and Verizon will begin selling the BlackBerry Storm for $199 with a two-year contract. The reviews are already in. The first BlackBerry to eschew a keyboard for a touchscreen, the Storm also boasts GPS, video recording, and that old Blackberry standard, corporate email.

Should President-elect Obama and email addicts everywhere ditch their old BlackBerrys for this new one? Should iPhone fanboys put their beloved devices on eBay? The reviews tell the story:

The innovative "click screen"

Where Storm beats iPhone 3G

Where iPhone has an edge

The network

The monthly fee

Navigation and interface

Battery life

The final word

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