Custom MoveOn video shames nonvoters into action

This election season has seen some nifty technological tools emerge to help inform, organize, and encourage Americans to engage with the political process.

We've covered the Obama iPhone application, and's Patchwork Nation.

The latest entrant to bridge the political divide with technology is a video site from left-leaning PAC Enter a friend's name and email address at a page on the site and it will send them a link to a customized video of a "CNNBC" news report that puts the blame for a 1-vote John McCain victory on them.

The "it could happen" video features footage of angry protests, a New York Times headline outing the email's recipient as the cause of the upset, and even a personal thank-you from George W. Bush.

It's not quite this year's Elf Yourself, but it's an innovative (and irreverent) way to persuade friends to get out and vote November 4. Regardless of your political leanings, it's worth a watch.

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