How to score Windows XP after June 30

Once Windows Vista came out, Microsoft put an expiration date on the older Windows XP. The software giant made it very clear: After June 30, you will not be able to buy XP, and customer support for the operating system will soon dry up. This annoyed a lot of XP fans, and infuriated the Vista haters – including the Monitor's personal-tech columnist Tom Regan.

As he puts it, "with each passing day, it looks more and more like Vista is the 'New Coke' of the PC generation.... It’s not just the individual user who is fed up with the wacky Vista system and the massive amount of computing power and disk space needed to make it run. It’s also businesses across the United States – and no doubt the world – that are in no hurry to 'upgrade' to Vista."

Well, the guys at PC World have some good news. They ran an article laying out how to get your hands on a new XP computer even after June 30.

Their tips: Find stores that will carry XP even after the cutoff date, investigate computers that have special deals with Microsoft allowing them to install the old OS until 2009 and beyond, and learn about “downgrade rights.”

Here's the link for the full story.

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