Thanksgiving Google doodle turkey lays 12 Easter eggs

The Thanksgiving turkey on Google's home page comes with a full wardrobe. You can change the bird's feathers, hairstyle, and even footwear. In fact, by our calculations – keeping in mind that all of our finance and tech support staff have already left for the holiday, leaving us with an office full of liberal arts majors – Google's turkey has 2,985,984 possible combinations.

Among those, there are 12 secret combinations. Find the right outfit and – poof! – the turkey reveals several bonus accessories. However, discovering all 12 could take you longer than cooking a Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixings. Fear not! We found each of the outfits so that you don't have to. Sit back and enjoy.

1. Wizard turkey

Google's Thanksgiving wizard turkey. Have you seen the 11 others? Click on!

Looking for some Thanksgiving magic? Head to Google's special turkey-themed homepage and start clicking. Tap each feather until you have a full set of purple plumage. Click its feet for a pair of matching slippers. Finally, cycle through the headgear until you find the wizard's cap.

Presto! You have yourself the first of (at least) 12 secret turkey outfits.

With each matching combination, there will be a puff of smoke and your snazzy-looking bird will magically get some new gear. For example, the wizard suit comes with a white rabbit and a wand.

Encore magic trick: Click on the turkey's wing at any time to randomize the outfit.

Google loves hiding these digital "Easter eggs" – a term for little surprises tucked into websites, movies, and video games. There was the dizzying barrel roll gag, the requisite 42 spoof, and Google's secret language options. (Klingon, anyone? How about an Elmer Fudd "Seawch"?)

But the search engine giant rarely packs so many Easter eggs into one feature. We found 12 special outfits for the Thanksgiving doodle. Getting there took a bunch of good guesses and a lot of feverish clicking. Now we've bundled them together into a single gallery, saving you from annoying family members or coworkers with all that incessant mouse clicking. (Speaking of which: Schulyer, I'm sorry. It was in the name of science!)

Click through to see disco turkey, geek turkey, and our favorite, tofu turkey.

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