Apple rolls out iTunes 10, new iPod Nano, and Apple TV

At its Sept. 1 event, Apple trotted out a new iPod Nano, a rekindled Apple TV, and even a brand new social network in iTunes 10. This annual fall bash held surprises for almost every device that Apple sells – with one notable exception.

“It’s the biggest change in the iPod lineup ever,” said Apple CEO Steve Jobs at the event. Click through to learn how.

1. New iPod Shuffle

Paul Sakuma/AP
CEO Steve Jobs introduces the new iPod Shuffle at the Sept. 1 Apple announcement in San Francisco.

After rolling out multitasking and printing features for the iPad and a new video game service for all iOS devices, Apple CEO Steve Jobs dived into the company's new lineup. First up was a refreshed iPod Shuffle. Last year, Apple forced a radical – some would say overzealous – redesign upon the littlest iPod. It stripped away the classic click wheel, replacing it with special headphones and VoiceOver, which allows the device to read aloud song titles and playlist information. Today, Apple backpedaled.

“People clearly miss the buttons," Jobs said about the restored click wheel. "They love the buttons from the second generation, but love the VoiceOver on the third generation.” Now the Shuffle has both.

The two-gigabyte music players will cost $49 each.

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