Caught in a refugee resettlement tangle

Mary Wiltenburg
Caught in a refugee resettlement tangle, Neema John and her son, Toni, are still waiting in a slum in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Their paperwork was filed last September, but they've heard nothing from US Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Editor's update: Little Bill Clinton's family refugee resettlment tangle continues

Below is Mary's brief reply in response to a reader request for updates on her Aug. 10 blog post.

Hi Al,

Thanks for asking! I haven't posted a formal update because much is still up in the air, but here's the latest: last August, US immigration approved Hassan's petition for reunification with Neema, a big first hurdle to her coming here (she still needs to pass an interview with the US Embassy and a medical screening, however). But the family has heard nothing from US Citizenship and Immigration Services about their humanitarian parole application for her son Toni, filed last September. Recently I learned from the World Relief staff member who filed it on their behalf, and has been instructing them for months to wait patiently, that he never received any confirmation that it had been received, or followed up to check on its status.Last week, Hassan sent a follow-up letter himself, and anxiously awaits a response. Meantime, thank you for your continued interest, and I'll post a full update when there's some word.

Best wishes, Mary

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