Old Spice ad man to stop giving advice to President Obama

Old Spice ad man Isaiah Mustafa hangs up his towel after over 180 personalized videos for fans.

Screengrab via YouTube
The Old Spice guy, Isaiah Mustafa, is seen here in his final personalized video from YouTube.

After commandeering Old Spice's Twitter account earlier this week, Old Spice Ad man Isaiah Mustafa began a series of personalized online videos to thank his fans. And according to AdFreak, he's now throwing in the towel.

"I am just one ridiculously handsome man. I can't write to everyone," the Old Spice man reports.

Goodbye, Ladies.

The Old Spice man addressed his thanks from a bathroom and clad only in a towel to bloggers, YouTube commenters, Twitterers, and celebrities who complimented his ads online.

You remember them? "Swandive!"

After first entering the advertising scene during the Super Bowl, with the slogan, "Smell like a man, man," Mustafa again starred in a new commercial earlier this summer, giving fans another dose of his shirtless, textbook masculinity.

The New York Times reported that when the Procter & Gamble brand was developing a new advertising campaign, they discovered that women purchase about 70 percent of the shower gel for men in their households. Former NFL wide receiver Mustafa was their golden ticket.

Mustafa was able to grab the attention of ladies while also casting the product as "decidedly masculine to lure men away from bar soap."

A contributor for The Daily Femme says that she likes the Old Spice ads because they do not portray women as stupid or as sexual objects.

And the Chicago Sun Times writes:

The torrent of words that Mustafa unleashes so crisply during this 30-second spot are primarily aimed at women. The seductive ad copy allows females to buy in to the proposition that manly men will want to use Old Spice body wash, and that women should encourage their men to use the product if they want to be more like Mustafa. While women are getting into the commercial's verbal sales pitch, male viewers can just revel in the very manly presence of Mustafa himself and bond accordingly with him and with Old Spice body wash.

Overall, the Old Spice commercials were heralded as advertising gems, a rare piece of smart TV advertising.

And the personalized videos that have gone viral? Also gems. The "hijacking" of Old Spice's YouTube channel is being called the best social-media ad campaign ever.

"People just like what they see, and they want to see more of it, so why not give it to them, right?" Mustafa told ABC.

George Stephanopoulos asked the Old Spice man what President Barack Obama could do to get back some support, especially from females. Using, "Hello, Ladies," instead of "My fellow Americans," and wearing only towels are Old Spice man's political advice. For Demi Moore, the Old Spice man beats up a pirate piƱata with a freshwater silver fish. For the Huffington Post, he declares he is the Prime Minister of female hearts.

And in his goodbye for Everyone, the Old Spice man says he "must ride his Jetski lion into the sunset." There are giant oaks that need chain sawing, Bermuda Triangle mysteries, and exotic car throwing competitions to be had.

"Thanks for saying its hard to argue with my awesomness," the Old Spice man told Tim Nudd from AdFreak. We agree.


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