'ClamCase' lets you to turn your iPad into a laptop

ClamCase, a new concept case for Apple's iPad contains a built-in keyboard and a folding design that transforms the tablet computer into a laptop.

A screenshot for clamcase.com, shows that their servers have been overwhelmed with requests, so intense is the interest in turning an iPad into a laptop.

A new concept iPad case called the ClamCase contains a built-in keyboard and a folding design that essentially turns your tablet computer into a netbook.

The ClamCase takes advantage of the iPad's ability to connect to keyboards wirelessly via Bluetooth. However, since there is no trackpad available, users will still have to touch their iPad screen in place of a mouse.

A media representative for the company told TechNewsDaily that the purpose of the ClamCase isn't to turn the iPad into a netbook, but rather to enhance some of it's usability.

"First off, if you want to watch a movie on the iPad, you need to hold it in your hand or prop it up against something in hopes it doesn't fall and shatter," the representative, who declined to give their name, wrote in an email.

"This stand functionality is accomplished with the ClamCase. This brings up the second use, which is protecting the device. The hard clamshell like casing protects the iPad investment in its entirety. And lastly as we all know from first hand experience... sometimes it's just easier to compose documents, emails, etc. with a physical keyboard. So we've got that, too."

The company says it is also working on an iPhone version of the ClamCase, to take advantage of the Bluetooth keyboard compatibility option available in the next version of the iPhone software, iPhone OS 4.

"We are in development for a similar device geared towards the new iPhone and OS," the media representative said.

ClamCase is slated for sale this fall, although a price has not yet been set.

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