Obama and Bernanke agree on US economy strengthening

Obama and Bernanke agree that the US economy is strengthening and more growth is needed.

REUTERS/Larry Downing
Obama and Bernanke agree on a strengthening US economy. President Obama meets Chairman of the Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke at the White House in Washington Tuesday.

President Barack Obama said on Tuesday he and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke agreed that the U.S. economy is strengthening and that growth must be increased to boost jobs.

Obama and Bernanke held an Oval Office meeting to discuss the U.S. economy. Obama told reporters that financial regulation legislation awaiting final congressional approval will provide certainty to financial markets and help consumers.

Bernanke said he and Obama had had a "wide-ranging discussion" about the economy and financial regulatory reform.

"But I think, very importantly, we also talked about it in an international context," he told reporters.

"What's happening around the world, markets ... affects us here in the United States, and it's very important for us to take that global perspective as we discuss the economy," Bernanke said.

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