"She's Out of My League" a swing or a miss for Jay Baruchel?

Does Jay Baruchel hit a home run in "She's Out of My League"?

Jay Baruchel and Alice Eve appear on the red carpet in Las Vegas to promote the movie "Shes Out Of My League".

"She's Out of My League" — Remember the hoo-ha over whether Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl made a believable couple in "Knocked Up"?

The makers of "She's Out of My League" sure do. They've built an entire comedy from the premise, pairing string-bean Jay Baruchel with gorgeous newcomer Alice Eve and surrounding them with a chorus of Doubting Thomas friends who tell them their relationship can never work.

The central idea, vaguely lurking around the edges of the movie's gross-out humor and then spelled out at the end, is pure wish-fulfillment.

Nerds and babes can hook up (really!), just so long as the geek possesses a good heart and healthy self-esteem.

One problem. The filmmakers forgot to give Baruchel's yammering, stammering airport security worker an actual personality that might appeal to the opposite sex.

Say what you want about the professional prospects of Rogen's weed-loving loafer in "Knocked Up," you have to admit the dude made you laugh.

And, from what we've heard, women do like a sense of humor.

R for language and sexual content. 107 minutes. Two stars out of four.

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