What are you reading about the enviroment?

Here's your opportunity to share with other readers the latest environment-related articles (Web, magazine, newspaper) or books you're reading at the moment. Not websites you want to recommend (maybe we'll do that later) and, of course, nothing that couldn't be printed in a family newspaper.

I'll go first and maybe add to this over the weekend, because the books I'm reading are at home, while I'm at the office..

Among the articles I found interesting today are:

– From Wales comes a novel suggestion: Use garlic to lessen the methane produced by farm animals. It might also save farmers money, says The Daily Post.

"The number of TVs, computers, iPods and other electronic devices in the home is expected to jump threefold by 2030 and will require the equivalent of 230 new nuclear reactors to keep them running, according to an international study," reports The Toronto Star.

Although there are two more birds on the IUCN Red List this year than last, there is good news, too, BirdLife International reports. There's progress on some fronts, too, although it's slow.

Having lived in West Virginia a couple of times, I was especially interested in the article "The Razing of Appalachia: Mountaintop Removal Revisited" in Yale Environment 360. It appears that the Obama administration is going to try to do something to curb this destructive type of mining.

I also liked the magazine's article on a potential breakthrough in harnessing the sun’s energy. "New solar thermal technology overcomes a major challenge facing solar power – how to store the sun’s heat for use at night or on a rainy day. As researchers tout its promise, solar thermal plants are under construction or planned from Spain to Australia to the American Southwest."

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