Survey: 74 percent of Congressional Republicans are climate deniers

UPI Photo/Kevin Dietsch
Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) speaks at a news conference in May in which he denounces the widely held view that humans are speeding the effects of global warming.

A National Journal survey of members of Congress found that 74 percent of Congressional Republicans do not believe that global warming is caused by humans.

The poll asked 39 Democrats and 39 Republicans if they thought that "it's been proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the Earth is warming because of man-made pollution". The answers are anonymous, except for party affilliation. Only 26 percent of Republicans answered yes, with the rest answering no. Among Democrats, 95 percent answered yes.

The survey's results include some choice anonymous quotes from the deniers:

"Reasonable people have doubts. For every Al Gore, there is an intelligent scientist armed with legitimate facts to debunk him."
"In the '70s, the 'consensus of scientists' was that we were beginning global cooling. Now it is global warming. Excuse me if I am skeptical of this newest form of secular religion. Perhaps we should pause and take a breath before we drink the new Kool-Aid!" [Ed. note: As the scientists at RealClimate demonstrate, there was no such consensus on global cooling in the 1970s.]

"If there's one thing poll after poll indicates, it's that the science is not settled on this issue."

"What has been proven is that a well-targeted pop-culture campaign can trump even the best of science. The bad news is, a very few will get very rich, and the rest of us will foot the bill with mythical creations like cap and trade. The impact of such programs on the environment: Zero. The cost to the American public: Huge. The grin on Al Gore's very wealthy face: Priceless!"

The survey quotes both Democrats who responded no.

"[Evidence is conflicting on whether] warming is man-made, but there shouldn't be any doubt that a man-made solution is needed. The trend won't reverse on its own."
"This global-warming debate is a farce."

Of the ten Republicans who responded yes, the National Journal quotes one of them:

"Put it this way: Is there anyone who reasonably believes that the emissions caused by man have no effect on the environment? It doesn't take a degree in science to accept the concept that the actions of billions of people driving millions of cars do indeed impact the world around us."

[Via Grist]

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