Talk to the Editor: Is Congress gridlocked?

The Monitor's Gail Russell Chaddock knows Congress. She is closely tracking the big issues in President Obama's second year -- from healthcare reform to "don't ask, don't tell" to the shifting mood of voters. Got a question for her?

Sarah Beth Glicksteen / The Christian Science Monitor
The Christian Science Monitor's Talk to the Editor webcast: broadcast live at 1PM EST on Thursdays.

Join us Thursday at 1 pm EST for a conversation with the Monitor's Gail Russell Chaddock about Congress. Gail knows Capitol Hill -- the players, the issues, and the politics. We'll talk about the prospects for big (or little) legislation passing during this already heavily politicized midterm election year. Can the Democratic majority in both houses move the Obama administration agenda forward? Or are the political winds blowing too strongly against them?

The conversation will be webcast in this blog via Ustream. You can watch it live here.

Send your questions to us:

- via Twitter at #csmonitor

- by posting on the Monitor wall on Facebook (our preferred method).

- by submitting a comment below

Ustream will be featuring the 1 pm Thursday webcast live on its site (we’ll embed it on this blog afterwards so you can catch up if you missed the webcast). You can also download a Ustream application for your iPhone at the Ustream site.

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