California: no longer golden? Discuss.

The Golden State is in trouble. Budget trouble. Economic trouble. What's gone wrong in Paradise? Or is all of this just a lot of political hot air?

You can ask veteran Monitor reporter Dan Wood in Thursday's "Talk to the Editor" webcast. Dan and John Yemma will discuss California, both at the nitty gritty level and at the "California dreamin'" level. What do you think about California? Is it America's future or its past? Or is it just a state that needs a little budgetary TLC to get roaring again? Do you live in California? Have you left for a less golden, no-drama state?

The conversation will be webcast in this blog via Ustream. You can watch it live here.

Send your questions to us:

- via Twitter at #csmonitor

- by posting on the Monitor wall on Facebook.

- by submitting a comment below

Ustream will be featuring the 1 pm Thursday webcast live on its site (we’ll embed it on this blog afterwards so you can catch up if you missed the webcast). You can also download a Ustream application for your iPhone at the Ustream site.

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