Today's coverage: World reaction to Obama speech, and more

Here are our coverage plans today:

We're covering Obama's speech in Cairo to the Arab world from several angles.

• We've posted the full speech transcript.

Liam Stack in Cairo has distilled the highlights of the speech.

• From Washington, Howard LaFranchi looks at the big picture of what the impact may be.

Ilene Prusher in Jerusalem reviews the Israeli reaction. ("Obama has outlined a vision for a world that is totally different from the world Netanyahu lives in.")

Issam Ahmed in Islamabad taps the reaction in Pakistan. ("Obama seems to know more about Islam than our own leaders.")

Scott Peterson in Tehran pulls together the Iranian response. ("Moderates in Iran will be ecstatic with this.")

Anna Momigliano in Milan gathers response in Italy. (“America is teaching Europe a lesson.”)

• And don't forget Albania. Besmar Likmeta reports from Tirana. (“The Muslim world has been waiting for a long time for such thing.”)

Peter Grier in Washington is surveying the response of Jewish Americans to the speech.

In other world news ...

• Twenty years after Tiananmen Square, Peter Ford in Beijing reports that few remember who bore the brunt of the repression that followed the student protests – the state employees who supported the students.

• Peter Ford also writes on the first official mention of the Tiananmen Square events in a Chinese newspaper – twenty years after the news broke.

• Scott Peterson is in Iran as it marks the 20th anniversary of the death of Khomeini, founder of the Islamic republic.

• The surprise decision by the Organization of American States to reopen its doors to Cuba is touted as a political and diplomatic victory by both Latin America's and Washington's left. But Tim Rogers reports that Cuba and most analysts say it's unlikely to lead to a "new dawn" in US-Latin American relations or even US-Cuban relations.

• Murray Carpenter Canada is worried about the flood of guns from the US being used in crimes.

Ben Quinn in London assesses the declining prospects for Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

In US news ...

Mark Trumbull looks at the impact of rising mortgage rates on struggling housing sector.

• If California bans baby bottles made with BPA, will the rest of the country follow? Minnesota outlawed the substance last month, and on Tuesday a proposal to ban it passed the California assembly. A grassroots-led fight against the substance has led to proposed bans in Massachusetts, Hawaii, Illinois, and Michigan. The chemical lobby is fighting back, and the FDA has yet to draw conclusions.

Alexandra Marks, on Sonia Sotomayor's Bronx home turf, finds pride as well as bewilderment at charges that she is a "reverse racist."

• In his latest stop on his Recession Road Trip, Bill Glauber finds a relentlessly sunny mayor in America's "coolest small town."

• Productivity is up, but worker hours are way down. Laurent Belsie blogs.

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