Monitor launches Daily News Briefing

The first of our Daily News Briefing e-mails went live this morning.

In case you missed earlier information about it, the Christian Science Monitor Daily News Briefing contains abridged versions of four key news articles of the day, two columns of news briefs from around the world, a Monitor editorial, a daily inspirational article, and a column by Monitor editors that offers perspective on why the news we are presenting matters.

The Daily News Briefing, which appears in subscribers' e-mail inboxes at 5 a.m. each day, is designed to be printed out easily, so you can take it with you (although you can also read it online). You can subscribe by using this form.

Why would you want to subscribe? As noted in my first "Editor's View" column, which appeared earlier today:

The Monitor publishes 24/7 at and weekly in print. But
we know that there's something missing from that mix, something a daily newspaper has long provided: an editorial ranking of the important stories of the day, regardless of when they flow by in the river of news.
Today, for instance, we note the Obama administration's velvet-glove approach to Iran, consider whether Taliban moderates can be cultivated, and report on the ongoing struggles of US banks.
Because this is a daily briefing, it can't be comprehensive. To go deeper, we hope you will visit and/or subscribe to our weekly review of global news and ideas.
This is a time of change and experimentation in journalism. Our Daily News
Briefing is such an experiment, so please bear with as we get the kinks worked out. And please let us know how we can better serve you. My e-mail is Or you can write me at 210 Massachusetts Ave. P02-20; Boston, MA 02115.
John Yemma

P.S. -- Sorry for not being on the air with this blog or Twitter over the past week. Now that the DNB is launched, I'll pick up the pace.

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