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Readers write about the value of working with your hands, how Pakistan and India can work together to fight terrorism, YouTube as a learning tool, and watching the opera in a movie theater.

America needs self-reliance in making its goods by hand

In regard to the Nov. 28 Opinion piece, " 'Made in America' must make a comeback": Author Paul Sedan's commentary, subtitled "There is value in working with your hands," reminded me of Dwight Eisenhower's view that our kids need to have some meaningful work to help them grow up well.

In my life, working with my hands has often brought peace to my spirit, with a sense of a job well done. I believe our country would also be more secure if we maintained self-reliance in production of the goods we need for daily living.

Our national character is changing, and not for the better, because we no longer work with our hands very much. Mr. Sedan's article brought more depth to the argument for the entrepreneurial spirit and work done with our own hands.

Shirley Freeman
Port Charlotte, Fla.

There is hope for India and Pakistan

Regarding the Dec. 1 editorial, "Best way to react to India's '9/11'": I applaud this commentary. It offers sound advice.

Terrorist attacks in Mumbai have engendered an acute sense of insecurity across the world.

As a Pakistani, I feel India's pain. I, too, have lost my people at the hands of terrorists. Now is the time for both countries to come together and work in earnest to root out terrorism. There is a tendency to blame the other when something goes wrong. But given our nuclear weapons, can we afford to carry on with such destructive patterns of behavior?

It is time to change our attitudes. It is time to build trust. And there is hope. India and Pakistan have been engaged in a peace process that has brought about a sea change in relations. Land and air communication links have been opened up. Visa relaxations, trade, and cultural exchanges have been facilitated. Leaders on both sides have also agreed to address Kashmir, which has been the cause of many wars.

Let us seize the moment to work together in peace and not in violence.

Let us fight terrorists and not each other.

Saira Yamin

Analyst, Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, George Mason University

Arlington, Va.

YouTube is a great learning tool

In regard to the Nov. 17 article, "OK, class, it's time for YouTube": I totally agree that YouTube is one of the best ways to motivate a learner.

Last semester, I had troubles getting myself to study for my chemistry class. Then I thought to look up videos of chemical reactions on YouTube. After about 30 minutes of watching alkali metals reacting with water, I was excited enough to dive back into my studying.

YouTube videos are a great supplement for teaching and learning.

Michaela Stephens
Chandler, Ariz.

Opera with popcorn and candy

Regarding the Dec.1 Backstory, "I decide to attend the opera, with Raisinets and bonbons": This story outlines what makes "The Met Live in HD" at my local multiplex so marvelous – the immediacy of the performances, the clear sound throughout the venue, the fascinating backstage interviews, the blue jeans and sandals atmosphere and, I'll admit it, the bonbons.

Attending the Metropolitan Opera in New York no longer tops my bucket list (things I have to do before I die). I fear I would be disappointed with the real thing.

Tarja Black
Lancaster, Calif.

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