Trapped miners in Chile: What's your message of hope?

The 33 miners, found alive after 17 days, may not be rescued until Christmas.

Chile's elation upon hearing that trapped miners have been found alive quickly turned to concern when it became clear that rescue efforts could take several more months. The key, this Monitor article reports, is keeping morale up:

Paola Vinciguerra, president of the European Association of Disorders and Panic Attacks, says that maintaining contact with the group is fundamental to their survival. A team of psychiatric experts reportedly arrived Monday at the remote mine.

“It is important to maintain continuous contact, above all with their families,” she told the local La Tercera newspaper, "through visual and audio messages to alleviate the strong emotions caused by the grave effect in which they find themselves."

What message would you like to share with the trapped miners? Has the support of friends, family, and others ever saved you from despair?

Share your thoughts below.

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