Solution-oriented opinion: US debt, North Korea, Afghanistan war, Limbaugh, golf

1. How you can make the tough choices for stabilizing America's huge debt

From The Boston Globe: "Just type into your browser, and presto: You’re ready to confront the same choices Washington policy makers face as they fight a rising tide of red ink. You can pick among dozens of policy options, each with a concise and easy-to-understand description."

2. One way to save Afghanistan

From The New York Daily News: "It's about time that American forces incorporate the Afghan military leadership at a higher level, so that they share at least part of the responsibility or burden of blame when things do go wrong."

3. If Rush Limbaugh is the chief US conservative, he and Obama should play a round of golf together

From The Los Angeles Times: "It could signify to millions of overwrought citizens that Obama and Limbaugh, for all their disputes and differences, can still see each other as fellow Americans..."

4. One way to understand North Korea: through its art

From Der Spiegel magazine: "North Korea has a reputation as one of the most secretive countries on Earth. Now a museum in Vienna is providing an insight into the dictatorship's culture with an exhibition of contemporary North Korean art."

5. Kids need shorter fairways to help them take up golf

From The Chicago Tribune: "Five or six years ago, I chanced upon the training-wheels solution golf needs: The 18-hole, 701-yard Boyne Rapids Adventure Golf course in Boyne City, Mich. The shortest hole is 11 yards, the longest is 95.... Some entrepreneurs ought to build more tiny courses to meet the needs of tiny golfers."

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