Looking for answers: five of the best in current commentary

1) After the British election, time to mend ties between London and Washington

From the Baltimore Sun: "To deal with the global challenges facing the United States, America needs like-minded friends. It is time to shed cool detachment and develop a personal relationship with the next British prime minister before America's closest global partner decides to bring a 60-year diplomatic chapter to a close."

2) Why any talks between Israel and Palestinians move peace forward

From the Beirut Daily Star: "The talks, in which George Mitchell will shuttle between Israeli and Palestinian leaders, may include some intriguing elements that are worth watching, especially vis-à-vis the US and its views on a permanent peace settlement. Here are my top 10 reasons why we should not dismiss the proximity talks so quickly:"

3) Helping US liberals and conservatives agree on cuts in the federal budget

From the USAToday: "Now that the president's deficit commission has been seated, let's send them down the right path: Cut first."

4) How love won a reprieve for the wives of Cuba's jailed dissidents

From the Miami Herald: "To get where we want to go, Cubans of all political leanings -- no matter where we live -- need many more mediators from within our ranks. That's the way forward."

5) Local ways to cut the costs of health care

From the Manchester Union Leader: "Mayor Gatsas created a plan in which city employees would get bonus payments of $50 or $100 for choosing lower-cost providers for common health care procedures. The plan attacks the main problem with health insurance in America: Consumers have no incentive to find less costly care because someone else is paying the bills. In Manchester, city employees now do."

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