The quest for stability and progress in Greece

A Christian Science perspective.

Getting Greece’s financial house in order now has the attention of the European Union heads of state. “Austere measures” and “panic” are words on the lips of both media personnel and people on the street. Though it may appear that the need for fiscal responsibility is at odds with the well-being of individuals, families, businesses, and the country – along with its economic and political partners – there is a spiritual solution that not only can erase the separation but that actually demands a unifying, healing adjustment.

The fact is that nothing and no one is outside the order and care of God, divine Principle, including all nations and their systems of government. Divine Principle requires, but also provides, balance and harmony in all things. Understanding this will enable people to respond to the situation in productive ways.

Christ Jesus understood and proved that healing answers to every human problem come from God. We can follow his example of turning to our Father-Mother, God, for help and by understanding and living our oneness with the divine Mind that knows all things. Jesus said, “With God all things are possible” (Matt. 19:26).

Christian Science gives a deeper understanding of God as infinite Mind. This Mind has the power to influence human consciousness, and it requires people and nations to act in accord with both wisdom and love. Infinite Mind not only gives us the ideas that are just right to correct what’s wrong, but also includes the calming presence of Love. It inspires our prayers for Greece and strengthens honest resolve for freedom.

Mary Baker Eddy wrote in her book “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures,” “Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need” (p. 494). Love meets the human need by enabling us to drop fear and anger (or whatever is unlike Love) from our thinking and allowing us to respond with the understanding that no one is left behind or marginalized under divine Love’s care.

Effective prayer is a mental adjustment, a mental housekeeping, a clearing away of anxiety and fear. Blame, fear, and anger are not qualities of God, and they do not bring about healing change. But expressing our God-given nature in wisdom, honesty, responsibility, and selfless love enables us to hear the answers that will correct and heal. How this law of Love adjusts the human experience is unique to each individual, nation, and national need. Divine Love meets each need out of its own limitless and infinitely creative resources.

Everyone has the right to have a proper faith in a human government to do the right thing. This should not be a misguided hope, but should stem from a faith in the power that truly governs all peoples and governments – namely God. It is the purpose of infinite good to establish stability and progress. Our willingness to trust in divine Principle – infinite good – to supply alert, wise, responsible care is a correcting influence under all conditions and in every situation, including the current situation in Greece.

Adapted from “God brings stability and progress,” The Herald of Christian Science, Greek edition. To read the original article in Greek, see

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