This week's Top 7 intriguing job offers


Whether you've got a penchant for animal-free cuisine or the (coding) force simply hasn't been with you, this week's most intriguing job offers can help. With offers from San Francisco to Key West, Fla., you'll find employers ready to hire, including one that claims "more gold than a gangsta rapper."

1. Vegan Visionary Chef
Employer: Catskill Animal Sanctuary
Wages/salary: Not listed.
Details: Upstate New York animal sanctuary seeks a vegan chef to direct a cooking program aimed at creating more vegans. Requirements include those who have been previously trained as vegan chefs and "who can cook and create meals from the simple to the sublime, and who can present them with flair and enthusiasm to audiences ranging from individual families (the "veg curious") to 800 or more at our annual events."
Location: Saugerties, N.Y., (pop. 19,868, median family income $50,33) hosted the fall 2009 New England Dressage Association Championships. Dressage is an equestrian sport sometimes called "horse ballet."

2. Swine Manure Application
Employer: Midwest Manure Management
Wages/salary: Based on experience.
Details: Seasonal help to assist with swine manure application. Drivers license, good work history and ability to work long hours necessary.
Location: Mason City, Iowa, (pop. 29,172, median family income $45,160) is the home to several buildings designed by legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright, including the only Prairie School-designed home in Iowa.

3. Park Ranger
Employer: Florida Parks Service
Wages/salary: $23,645.40
Details: Handle trail maintenance, visitor services, help to manage local vegetation and wildlife. Knowledge and ability to handle black powder and black powder weapons, background participating in historical special events as a re-enactor or crafts person preferred.
Location: Key West, Fla., (pop. 84,084, median family income $75,989) is home to Jimmy Buffett's original Margaritaville restaurant.

4. Weaving Technicians and Supervisors
Employer: Not listed.
Wages/salary: $40,000 to $60,000.
Details: Metallic or monofilament synthetic yarn weaving experience desirable for positions with company weaving very fine, medium, and heavy metallic wire cloth.
Location: Greenville City, S.C., (pop. 56,458, median family income $45,685) once known as "The Textile Capital of the World," is now home to the Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research.

5. Coding Jedi
Employer: RockinSEO
Wages/salary: "Competitive"
Details: Ability to code both front end and back end of Web sites with over 2 years of PHP, C++ and/or Java experience with MySQL experience of benefit. Must be able to show examples of Web sites built from scratch.
Location: San Francisco (pop. 757,604, median family income $81,136) is home to the headquarters of the social-media firm Twitter.

6. Cirque du Soleil Tap and Jazz Dancer
Employer: Cirque du Soleil
Wages/salary: Not listed
Details: Professional stage dancer with a talent for improvisation needed for international dance company based in Quebec, Canada. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and submit a video demo tape for consideration.
Location: Not listed.

7. Fire Sprinkler Project Manager
Employer: Not listed.
Wages/salary: $70,000-75,000.
Details: Need an executive with extensive understanding of contract documents and scope able to work with subcontractors as well as "high end muckity-mucks" for a company that has "more gold than a gangsta rapper."
Location: New Haven County, Conn., (pop. 843,571, median family income $73,188) is home to an eatery that claims it invented the hamburger. A rushed patron at Louis' Lunch in 1900 asked for food to go and received a broiled beef patty between slices of bread.

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