A couple hours' work could save your family big

A little work on a will, a living will, and life insurance could save your family from big trouble.

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When she was married, Ruby Campbell did not have life insurance. Now that she is the sole provider for Amanda and Cody, the Nampa, Idaho, mother has gotten coverage. Two hours work could save your family from financial problems after unforeseen circumstances.

60% of Americans don’t have a will. When they die, at least some of what they hope of passing on to their loved ones will be eaten up by lawyers and distributed by judges. Pretty amazing what an hour of contemplation and an hour of document preparation can do.

47% of Americans have no life insurance. If they suddenly die, the people they care about most will suffer a rough road, likely losing their home and their standard of living. Pretty amazing what an hour of research, a couple hours of forms, and $50 a month can do.

71% of Americans do not have a living will. If they have a life-threatening illness or injury that puts them in an unconscious state, the choice of whether they live or die winds up in the hands of a grieving loved one, burdening them with an incredibly painful decision at a moment of their deepest need. Pretty amazing what an hour’s worth of document preparation can fix.

61% of Americans do not have enough emergency savings to make it through three months of unemployment. If one of those people loses their job in this economy, there’s an extremely good chance they’ll run out of money before another job comes knocking. Setting up an automatic savings plan at your local bank to sweep some cash each week from your checking to your savings takes five minutes and fixes the problem.

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