Consumer confidence down since September

Total consumer confidence dropped 0.31 percent  since September, slumping 2.57 percent below the level seen in October 2010

This chart shows the composite consumer confidence indicator over the past decade. Consumer confidence plummeted in 2008 and has failed to recover to pre-recession levels.

The Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) publishes a wealth of data tracking the fundamental economic dynamics of the world’s largest economies.

The OECD leading indicator, industrial production, business confidence and consumer confidence series all disclose important and timely clues to the state of each respective economy or group of economies.

The latest monthly results indicate that economic conditions in the global economy have weakened notably with the total leading index declining 0.17% since August dropping 0.55% below the level seen in September 2010 while two more timely indicators of business and consumer confidence slumped dramatically.
Total Business confidence plunged 0.59% since September (more timely data) falling 2.42% below the level seen in October 2010.

Total Consumer confidence dropped 0.31% since September (more timely data) slumping 2.57% below the level seen in October 2010.

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