Gold falls again. Sell? No, buy!

Gold has fallen below $1,800 an ounce. But CNBC's Jim Cramer calls gold a buy, especially gold-mining stocks.

Pat Roque/AP
Enrique Bascara shows a diamond studded gold ring he made in his shop earlier this month in Manila, Philippines. Gold has fallen below $1,800 a month, but some analysts are urging investors to buy gold, especially gold-mining stocks.

The time is ripe for gold again, Cramer said Monday.

“Do not be dissuaded by today’s decline,” he said. “It’s another opportunity.”

The “Mad Money” host believes gold is down because Europe isn’t collapsing.

As you probably know, Cramer likes the bullion and the GLD. But, he also thinks the individual gold producers are ready to take off after a prolonged period of consolidation and underperformance versus the actual metal.

First, Newmont Mining hit a 52-week high Monday, in part because it’s talking about a dividend increase as gold goes higher. Gold stocks used to have some of the highest dividends, Cramer said, and he thinks it can happen again.

Second, there's consolidation. For example, Agnico-Eagle Mines just announced it bought miner Grayd.

And third, many of the companies that opened mines over the last few years are beginning to reap the benefits of the expansion. Because of this, Cramer suggests buying Randgold Resources and Goldcorp. If you want a “plain vanilla” gold company, he suggests Barrick Gold.

The bottom line – if you don’t own any gold, use this opportunity to start building a position in the precious metal that is at least more than 10 percent of your portfolio.

“Consider the sell-off to be a gift that you shouldn’t be getting given all that’s wrong in the world now,” Cramer said.

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