The best/worst deals in baseball tickets, food

For the second consecutive season, ticket prices stayed relatively flat in Major League Baseball, according to a new survey by Team Marketing Report. The average ticket price across all 30 teams is $26.91, which is only a 1.2 percent increase from last season. That percentage represents the lowest year over year increase since the company's Fan Cost Index debuted in 1991. Here are some of highlights of which teams charge the most and the least for tickets, hot dogs, and parking:

1. Ticket prices

Tony Gutierrez/AP
Boston Red Sox's Jon Lester, center, stands surrounded by teammates as he waits to be pulled by manager Terry Francona, left front, in the sixth inning of an MLB baseball game against the Texas Rangers April 1, 2011, in Arlington, Texas. The Red Sox have the most expensive nonpremium tickets.

The highest nonpremium ticket prices are the Boston Red Sox ($53.38), the New York Yankees ($51.83), the Chicago Cubs ($46.90) and the Chicago White Sox ($40.67).

The lowest nonpremium ticket prices are the Pittsburgh Pirates ($15.30), San Diego Padres ($15.45), Arizona Diamondbacks ($15.74) and the Los Angeles Angels ($17.13).

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