Cyber Monday: Shop, but keep your guard up

Cyber Monday offers great deals, but don't shop sites you don't trust, says North Carolina's attorney general.

Ross D. Franklin/AP/File
In this 2009 file photo, Reginald Armstead Jr., of Phoenix, sends a package on its way after packing it at an warehouse in Goodyear, Ariz. This year's Cyber Monday deals offer some good values, but officials warn shoppers to read the fine print carefully before they buy.

North Carolina's attorney general says shoppers need to be vigilant whether they are buying gifts in the store or online.

Roy Cooper is offering tips for those who will do holiday shopping for the online-focused Cyber Monday. He suggests that shoppers use sites they know and trust, read return policies, ensure that sites accepting payment information are secure and to print out records of online orders.

Cooper also says shoppers should do their own price comparisons instead of taking the word of sites that claim to have the lowest. And he says consumers should be on the lookout for counterfeit or knockoff products that don't provide full quality.

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