The tea party's distaste for 'green' tea

Some comments on tea partiers and their environmental attitudes.

Lenny Ignelzi / AP
Newt Gingrich works his way through a crowd where he addressed supporters of the Tea Party at a rally Oct. 21 in San Diego.

Under what scenarios would the Republican Party have embraced carbon mitigation legislation? The Tea Party is angry about the recession, the budget deficit, and be lectured for being "bad people". Are there any political scenarios under which they would have "been in the mood" for pro-active carbon legislation? The media has quilted together some fun quotes from a subset of them here at Green Politics and the Tea Party.
Some of the comments are revealing. Please note, that these are not my comments.

"Comment #17; It would be fun to watch these self-proclaimed 'Christians' squirm in 20 years when the climate is really out of control, except that we'll be too busy trying to survive or killing ourselves to escape."
"Comment 20: Amazing how uniformly stupid the tea baggers are. The bad news is that their stupidity may cause the death of our civilization somewhere down the line. The good news is that their grandchildren, great grandchildren or whatever will die along with the rest of the population, removing the gene that causes stupidity from the gene pool. "
"Comment 42: The problem with the denialists is that there is very little downside to their lies. In 5 or 10 or 20 years, when we are really facing serious climate change problems, they will be the ones who "didn't inhale. No, I wasn't a denialist, I knew it all along..." I propose an escrow system, where any politician denying climate change now must put all of his or her assets into escrow. If there are no negative impacts in the future, their children can inherit. Otherwise, the money in escrow will go to combating further climate change. There needs to be a financial downside to these lies!"


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