Black Friday 2011: You can get deep discounts ... on that?

Black Friday 2011 offers huge savings on popular holiday gift items, like televisions, gaming systems, laptops, clothing, and so on. But some retailers are using the traditional kickoff to the holiday shopping season to offer deals on stuff that's on (practically) no one's gift list. Here are our Top 6 wackiest product deals for Black Friday 2011. Have you got a better one? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook

1. Mouthwash

McNEIL-PPC, Inc./PRNewsFoto/File is offering discounts on Listerine mounthwash, just the thing for your Black Friday 2011 shopping list.

Who wouldn't want this medicine-chest stuffer? Amazon is offering markdowns on all Listerine products, including all mouthwash flavors, toothpaste, PocketPacks breath strips, whitening strips, and a whitening pen. The best deals are on bulk packages of mouthwash. For instance, you can get a six-pack of 33.8-ounce bottles of Listerine Total Care for $34.36 (retail value is over $60)., or a 12-pack of eight ounce bottles for $35.00, a savings of 54 percent below list price.

If you play your Black Friday cards right, you may not be buying mouthwash again – for yourself or a loved one – for a very, very long time.

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