Top 10 most nuclear-dependent nations

Japan’s earthquake and tsunami has pushed 11 of its 52 nuclear reactors offline. If they don’t power up soon, Japan will be hard-pressed to provide power to its people, since the reactors provide 30 percent of its electricity. As dependent as Japan is on nuclear power, 12 nations are even more reliant it, according to the World Nuclear Association. Using 2007 data, here are the Top 10 most nuclear-dependent nations:

10. Hungary – 37 percent

Peter G. Kiss/AFP/Newscom/File
A plastic tent covers a part of the cleaning system to control and catch a leaking radioactive gas at the right side of reactor block No. 2 in the nuclear power station of Paks, about 120kms south from Budapest on April 25, 2003.

With four nuclear reactors, Hungary derives about 37 percent of its electricity from nuclear power. It brought its first reactor online in 1982. One reason Hungary supports nuclear is its price. In 2007, according to the World Nuclear Association, the price was below 5 cents per kilowatt hour. Another is diversification. The former Soviet satellite is heavily dependent on Russian natural gas deliveries.

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