Insurance rates: Top 5 states to insure a car for less

Insurance rates for cars aren't necessarily the cheapest in these five states. But their residents earn enough that they pay the lowest percentage of their median income to insure a car, according to new numbers from InsWeb, an online website that compares insurance rates. Is your state on the list? [Editor's note: The cost figures were changed to reflect annual rates.]

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Two men look over a wrecked car in Little Rock, Ark., in 2009. To avoid a big economic ding to your income, look for states with low insurance rates relative to average income. The Top 5 car insurance states might surprise you.

5. Utah

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A car drives through the Kolob Plateau in Zion National Park, Utah.

Nationally, the median driver spends $1,466 a year on auto insurance – or about 3.5 percent of his income. But drivers in Utah do much better: only $1,146 a year or 2.4 percent of their income. Maybe their auto insurance rates are lower because Utah has twice the space and fewer than a third of the cars that Virginia does. Still, Utahns don't get quite as good a deal as the drivers of ...

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