Superman celebrates his 700th issue – with a visit to your hometown?

Superman reconnects with humanity by journeying across America.

Has Superman grown distant? The man of steel hopes to reconnect with humanity by touring America on foot.

"Superman" comic books celebrate a milestone this month with the release of issue number 700. This giant-sized comic includes three tales about the "Man of Steel," the most important being the prologue to a new year-long storyline titled "Grounded." This is the first effort by the new creative team on Superman, writer J. Michael Straczynski and artist Eddy Barrows.

Feeling he has lost touch with humanity, Superman will embark on a journey not across the galaxy but across America... on foot. He will visit real cities starting in Philadelphia and ending in Seattle. Along the way we will see how Americans view Superman and how he sees us ordinary people.

In a contest conducted by DC, Superman could even walk through your hometown if your town falls within 50 miles of the path of his journey. Contest guidelines can be found here.

Rich Clabaugh is a staff artist at the Monitor.

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