Sarah Palin's memoir is already making headlines

She hasn't even begun writing yet but the Alaska governor's proposed memoir is already getting plenty of press. As the Associated Press puts it: "You knew it was coming."

Yes, we all did. There's been talk of a memoir by Palin since the day the McCain-Palin presidential run came to an end. It's a natural, of course. Palin's name and face guarantee big sales. (Even Palin's impersonator, Tina Fey, scored a multi-million dollar memoir deal of her own on the strength of that connection.)

Palin is not saying how much she will get for her book which is scheduled to be published by HarperCollins in the spring of 2010 (although she scoffed at rumors that she had been seeking an $11-million advance.)

Palin's publisher says her book will cover everything from politics (including Palin's time as mayor of Wasilla, her experiences as the first female governor of Alaska, and her time on the national stage) to motherhood (her life as a working mother and as a mom with a son serving in Iraq, another son with Down syndrome and a teenage daughter who went through an unplanned pregnancy) in addition to telling about her childhood and upbringing.

"There's been so much written about and spoken about in the mainstream media and in the anonymous blogosphere world, that this will be a wonderful, refreshing chance for me to get to tell my story, that a lot of people have asked about, unfiltered," Palin told the AP.

Palin will work with a collaborator but her publisher promises that she will "be engaged in the whole process of the book."

"[T]here have been so many misperceptions out there about who [my family is] and what we believe in," said Palin. "I'm excited to get to put my journalism degree to work and tell my story as it relates to my family."

And of course the blogosphere has wasted no time in taking shots. Under the heading of "Great Moments in Publishing," Gawker couldn't resist smirking: "Noted Journalism Scholar Sarah Palin Inks Book Deal."

Just wait till the book finally gets written.

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