Kindle appeals to the older generation

Typically it's the young who embrace technology, but it appears that when it comes to electronic books many older readers are eager and early adopters.

At least, that's the conclusion being drawn from a rather unscientific survey done by CNET's David Carnoy.

Carnoy  recently cited a thread in's forums discussing ages of the owners of Kindle, Amazon's e-reader. An interested reader went ahead and tabulated 700 (about 75 percent) of those posts. The results show that more than half of Kindle's owners are over 50 and 70 percent are over 40.

Carnoy shows the relationship of age to Kindle ownership to be as follows:

0 - 19: 5%
20 - 29: 10%
30 - 39: 15%
40 - 49: 19.5%
50 - 59: 23%
60 - 69: 19.5%
70 - 79: 6%
80+: 2%

He also cites comments from readers who say that they're reading more now that Kindle (with its ease in handling, ordering, and adjusting type size) makes it so comfortable for them.

You can see Carnoy's whole post here.

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