Michelle Obama as latest "Female Force" comic book star

The Female Force comic book biography of First Lady Michelle Obama hit the shelves yesterday – and already has sold out. The book will go into a second printing, reports the Detroit News.  

The demand for the comic book, which details Obama's life from her youth on the South Side of Chicago up through the 2008 presidential campaign and election day, "has exceeded our aggressive projections," Bluewater Productions publisher Darren G. Davis said in a release.

Obama is not however, the first woman to star in a Female Force comic book.  Previous issues featured the lives of Hillary Rodham Clinton and Sarah Palin. Those books also sold out.

Bluewater says more comic books about the lives of well known women are on their way. "Female Force: Caroline Kennedy," "Female Force: Princess Diana," and "Female Force: Condoleeza Rice" are already in production and scheduled for release in the coming months.

“I’m very encouraged over the buzz and reviews the books are getting. This opens the door to explore the lives of dozens and dozens of high profile, influential, and yes, in some cases, controversial women,” Davis says in a statement on the company's website.

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