A book catalog – on Twitter?

"Literary types are obsessed with Twitter," observes GalleyCat, the mediabistro daily book blog. They may be right. As the same blog points out, there are book clubs on the microblogging site, as well as hardcover books composed of Twitter posts (see "Twitter Wit" and "My Life In Tweets.")

And now there is even a book catalog on Twitter.

Countryman Press is putting their entire fall catalog on the microblogging site, with all books noted and summarized in 140-word posts.

You may or may not be a Twitter fan, but it's hard not to admire the economy of language of those who think in 140-character sound bites.

For instance, the book "EatingWell: Comfort Foods Made Healthy" (abbreviated to "EatingWell Comfort Fds Made Healthy") gets the following description: "175 recipes that makeover your faves, removing fat and cals, retaining taste."

What more do you really need?

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