Gary Condit said to be considering a book

Even as police prepare to seek a warrant for the arrest of a convicted felon in the 2001 murder case of Washington intern Chandra Levy, former California Congressman Gary Condit is reported to be interested in writing a book.

Levy was working as an intern at the Bureau of Prisons when she became romantically involved with Condit, who was the congressman from her home district in California. Condit was never named a suspect in the case but he was aggressively pursued by the press for some time after. When he lost his bid for reelection, many blamed it on the scandal.

Today he told ABC affiliate WJLA, "I had always hoped to have my opportunity to tell this side of the story, but too many were not prepared to listen. Now I plan to do so, but I will have no further comments on this story at this time."

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