Paul Newman and the written word

There are so many reasons to appreciate Paul Newman and here's just one more: the number of fine novels he helped to bring to life on the screen.The following is just a partial list but it's interesting to consider the number of times that Newman's life and career intersected with that of a really good writer:

– "The Long Hot Summer" (based on stories by William Faulkner, primarily "The Hamlet")

– "From the Terrace" (John O'Hara)

– "Exodus" (Leon Uris)

– "The Hustler" (from Walter Tevis's novel "The Big Hustle")

– "Mr. and Mrs. Bridge" (from a pair of novels by Evan Connell)

– "Nobody's Fool" (Richard Russo)

– "Empire Falls" (TV movie, also from a novel by Richard Russo)

As I said, it's just a partial list. Feel free to add your own.

But for most of those of us who love both books and movies, there's at least one book out there that we know learned to know differently and better thanks to the art of Paul Newman.

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