More on that vampire book

Wow, I must admit that I had no idea the kind of firestorm that I would touch off by blogging about "Breaking Dawn." And as many of you pointed out, I did so without having read the book. But please note, my blog was NOT a review of "Breaking Dawn" – it was a comment on a phenomenon surrounding the book.

Today, 24 hours later, I still haven't read the book although I know a lot more about it now (and understand the debate better) for having plowed through many of your posts.

But I still stand by my original point: Stephenie Meyer is the creator of her own characters and has the right to with them as she pleases.

You, her readers, have the right to be unhappy with her choices and, of course, every right to express that unhappiness. You also have the right never to buy one of her books again – which in the long run is the most powerful form of message that unhappy readers can send.

But after watching this debate for the last 24 hours, I'm left with another question: Where are the male readers? At least judging from screen names, it seems to me that 90 percent or more of the posts here are by women.

How do Meyer's male fans feel about "Breaking Dawn?" Where are their voices in all of this?

(As we head into the weekend we'll be turning off the comments section of this blog. But we look forward to hearing from you again on Monday.)

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