Kids say the darnedest things

Kids do book reviews in their own special fashion.

Sometimes we adults complicate things so much and that includes the area of book criticism. Just once in a while we would do well to turn back to children to remember what it's all about.

If you got a moment, try clicking on CNN's selection of children's book reviews. They ask three children of employees (a 5-year-old, a 6-year-old, and an 8-year-old) to each talk about a book they like. These kids really get it right.

Eight-year-old Andrew seems very self-assured as he evaluates the potential appeal of his selection. It's a bit silly, he admits, but he gives it a thumbs-up nonetheless. It's got lots of action, he points out, will make anyone over the age of 6 laugh, and is the right length to get you through a road trip.

But 5-year-old Kaya has boiled the review down to an even simpler format. Her book, she tells us, is a good book because it has "weird stuff and fun stuff and bad stuff."

What more do you need to know? As I said, we could all learn from the kids.

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