A maverick yet informed point of view

There's nothing shy about Robert Bryce, author of "Gusher of Lies."

Asked in an interview with Mother Jones about the energy bill passed by Congress late last year, he calls it, "Three hundred and ten pages of nonsense." It is, he says, "a bill [that] does far more harm than it does good. "

And, energy independence, that Holy Grail of most energy strategists?

Bryce will tell anyone who listens that it's nothing more than an impossible dream.

You may disagree with Bryce and there are many who do – some quite passionately.

But given his background he's hard to ignore. As a long-time journalist and currently as managing editor of Energy Tribune, Bryce has been studying this field for a long time and he certainly demonstrates an in-depth knowledge of his material.

For those interested in the debate, whether they come down on Bryce's side or somewhere far more orthodox, "Gusher of Lies" remains a hard book to ignore.

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