5 revelations from an updated 'Kardashian Confidential'

With the latest headlines focused on Kim Kardashian's divorce, the famous family is thrown into the spotlight again – not that they ever really left. Here are a few of the insights into the Kardashian sisters as featured in the new version of their book  'Kardashian Confidential.'

1. The sisters say they weren't spoiled

She Walsh/FRE/WALSS/AP Images for E!

"Some people think that when we were growing up we must have been little Beverly Hills brats... yes, each of us did get a car in high school. But with the car we had to sign a contract saying we would keep up our grade average in school, that we'd wash the car once a week and take care of it and pay for our own gas... if anything happened to our cars, too bad. Our parents wouldn't help us repair it and they sure wouldn't buy us a new one."

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