10 memoirs by children of famous parents

Martha Stewart's daughter Alexis has recently published Whateverland: Learning to Live Here, a non-too-flattering book detailing her life with the domestic queen. Stewart is just the latest in a long line of children to publish memoirs about their lives with famous parents – some complimentary, others less so. The veracity of several have been called into question by family members or other doubters.

1. "Mommie Dearest," by Christina Crawford

Later turned into a movie that gave America a new view of wire hangers, Crawford's memoir Mommie Dearest is a horrific tale about growing up as an adopted daughter to movie star Joan Crawford. In the book Christina claims that she was physically and emotionally abused by the actress, whom she says was an alcoholic. The book ignited a debate that continues to this day as to whether the stories it tells are true.

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