6 top food memoirs

In this era of the superstar chef there is no shortage of food-related memoirs, all telling the stories of how these many culinary geniuses found their calling. However, only a handful have the flavor and style that make them stand out from the pack. Here are six that we're calling the best.

1. "My Life in France," by Julia Child

My Life in France, by Julia Child, Anchor, 368 pp.

No list of food memoirs would be complete without My Life in France, Julia Child's classic story of moving to France with her husband (who was assigned there by the US State Department), and then slowly falling in love with French culture, food, and cooking. (No, she didn't always want to be a chef!) Julia starts with cooking lessons at Le Cordon Bleu, then teaches her own cooking class, and finally writes a giant masterpiece on French cuisine. Her exuberant prose and clear love of food will have you running to the kitchen yourself.

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