4 books I shouldn’t have liked – but did

You all know what I mean here: You walk into a bookstore, pick up a book, take one look at its cover or read one paragraph of the jacket copy and say, “Oh, this book’s not for me because...." But you might be wrong. Here are four books that I really liked – even though I shouldn't have.

1. "Crossing to Safety," by Wallace Stegner

I should not have liked Crossing to Safety because I do not generally have emotions and the people in this book have lots of them.

But I did like "Crossing to Safety" because in many ways, this book is about nothing. It is the story of a life-long friendship between two couples, the Langs and the Morgans. And yet, in its telling, Stegner manages to paint a universal picture of the challenges we face in trying to fill our lives with joy and meaning. "Crossing to Safety" is wise about the compromises we make for contentment and grace, and looks frankly at the ways life, at times, fails us. An action-packed adventure novel, this ain't. It’s all in the mundanity. If you can handle that then you're in for deeply affecting read.

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