10 best books for Mother's Day

Looking for that just-right book for a Mother's Day gift? Here's an excellent crop.

1. "Blood, Bones and Butter: The Inadvertent Education of a Reluctant Chef," by Gabrielle Hamilton

Tired of sentimental writing about food? "Blood, Bones and Butter" might be just your ticket. Celebrity chef Gabrielle Hamilton (the owner of "Prune" in New York) is at least as gifted with words as she is in the kitchen and she serves up a memoir as sharp as her cleaver. Monitor reviewer Kendra Nordin notes that this book "delivers the story of a life shaped by food with the intensity of a blast of hot air from a 500 degree F. oven.... There is love, of various kinds, peppered with ambiguity, dissonance, and loss. And there are no recipes."

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