4/21/11 bestselling book list, according to IndieBound*



1. Bossypants, by Tina Fey, Reagan Arthur Books
2. Unbroken, by Laura Hillenbrand, Random House
3. The Social Animal, by David Brooks, Random House
4. Blood, Bones & Butter, by Gabrielle Hamilton, Random House
5. I'm Over All That: And Other Confessions, by Shirley MacLaine, Atria
6. Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention, by Manning Marable, Viking
7. Moonwalking With Einstein, by Joshua Foer, Penguin Press
8. Cleopatra, by Stacy Schiff, Little Brown
9. Unfamiliar Fishes, by Sarah Vowell, Riverhead
10. The 17 Day Diet, by Dr.Mike Moreno, Free Press
11. The Best Advice I Ever Got: Lessons from Extraordinary Lives, by Katie Couric, Random House
12. Love Wins, by Rob Bell, HarperOne
13. Physics of the Future, by Michio Kaku, Doubleday
14. 63 Documents the Government Doesn't Want You to Read, by Jesse Ventura, Dick Russell, Skyhorse
15. All That Is Bitter and Sweet, by Ashley Judd, Ballantine
18. My Father's Daughter, by Gwyneth Paltrow, Grand Central
The award-winning actress and avid foodie shares a collection of recipes and photographs celebrating the joy of preparing food for loved ones.

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