Sorell Grow


It was her sophomore year at Butler University when Sorell Grow found her enthusiasm for journalism. When Sorell took a magazine writing class with the deputy editor of the Indianapolis Monthly Magazine as a sophomore, she became inspired to tell stories that make an effect. Her favorite article she produced from the class covered the dangers of college students’ drinking habits and how changes were being made in state laws and university disciplinary policies to better protect them.

Now an editorial intern at The Christian Science Monitor and rising junior at Butler, Sorell is a double major in journalism and Spanish and hopes to use the combination of these studies to possibly cover international stories. She has a good amount of international experience already – she was born in Japan, and later moved to Malaysia with her family before returning to the United States in 2011. She has also served as a staff writer and news editor for her college’s student newspaper, The Butler Collegian.

She thinks empathy is a core element to quality journalism – she hopes not to merely write about other people’s stories, but also understand them.

Follow her on Twitter at @sorellvgrow.

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